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VigRX Plus Discount Packages Review

When it comes to male enhancement products, VigRX is currently one of the most touted articles in the market today; with thousands of satisfied users, the product managed to gain the attention of thousands more thanks to the affordable VigRX discount packaging. Currently, buyers have multiple options when it comes to obtaining this male enhancement product.

Prior to talking about the different VigRX Plus discount packages however, it’s best to first consider exactly what the product is capable of doing. According to manufacturers, VigRX can offer a more intense sex life for males through stronger erections that last longer for a more satisfying orgasm. The product is also specially created to provide longer-lasting stamina to the user, allowing them to perform better and longer in bed – guaranteed to satisfy any lady!

VigRX promises to deliver results in as little as 14 days. Within these two weeks, users should be able to see a significant change in their sexual prowess. For best results however, it is customary to wait out 60 to 90 days in order to get the full benefits of the product!

  • Two Month Supply: For a two month supply, buyers can obtain the package for $143.99 only. This puts the monthly supply at $71 each, saving buyers $10 with the purchase.
  • One Month Supply: The one month supply is perfect for those who are just starting out with the product. This will allow them to find out just how effective VigRX is without spending too much in the process. Cost is $76.99 only.
  • Three Month Supply: Individuals who are more confident of the product can try buying the three month supply package. It costs $205.99 consumable for 90 days. At this rate, the cost of each month is at $68, allowing savings of roughly $25.
  • Silver VigRX Sales Package: This is where bonuses come in. With the silver package, buyers get 3 bonuses and a four month supply of the product. Costing at just $267.99, the monthly package computes to $67 each. This offers a total savings of $40 plus bonuses!
  • Gold VigRX Promo Package: Offering a five month supply of the product, this package is available at an enticing price of $329.99 plus the bonuses. At this price, each month basically sells for $66 each. At five months, this translates to $55 worth of savings!
  • Platinum VigRX Special Package: Platinum packages are capable of covering up to six months of product consumables. It offers all five of the bonuses at a price of $384.99. If buyers compare this with the one month supply, they’ll find that the Platinum set offers up to $77 in savings alone!
  • Diamond VigRX Discount Package: For those who want a one year supply of the male enhancement product, then the Diamond Package is definitely the best choice. Priced at $489.99, the monthly cost is computed at JUST $41 each. This translates to a savings of $434 in all! With all five bonuses included in the set, this is the biggest steal out of all those that are on offer.

VigRX Plus Special Bonuses

As already mentioned, there are a total of five bonuses available with this product. Each one is specially chosen to complement VigRX, allowing users to boost the effects of this male enhancement product. The bonuses vary depending on the type of package bought.

For Men Only Exercise CD – contains exercises that helps naturally improve male sexual performance. The Exercise CD provides a step by step process that males can easily follow in the privacy of their room. This is available for the Platinum, Diamond, Gold and Silver package.

Semenax Volume Enhancer – as the name suggests, Semenax helps increase the volume of every ejaculation. This creates more powerful orgasms that will not only satisfy the user but also their partner. This is available for the Diamond, Platinum and Gold sets.

Nexus Pheromones – pheromones is a naturally occurring hormone responsible for attraction between male and females. With Nexus Pheromones, males will be able to boost their sex appeal with the ladies, ensuring that they will always have an active night time. This bonus is available for the Diamond and Platinum package.

Better Sex Mall Card worth $25 – do you want to buy something from the Better Sex Mall? This bonus allows the holder to purchase anything from the mall worth $25. The bonus is available for the Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver packages.
ErectionFitness Website Membership – a membership to this website gives the buyer an opportunity to further improve their sexual prowess. Aside from being able to achieve stronger and longer erections, males will learn how to best satisfy their partner. This may be availed through the Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver packages.

Packages that contain supplies ranging from four months or more can also avail membership to the Penis Exercise Program!

The product is a concentration of all-natural products that have been individually proven to help with the male sexual health. Combining them together therefore only boosts the ability of each item, providing results beyond expectations. Prior to being released to the public however, VigRX underwent stringent clinical studies to make sure that there are no side effects to the formula. Finally perfected, the product not only proved its effectiveness but also managed to showcase results without harming the users. Of course, individuals with pre existing health concerns are advised to consult their doctors first before making a purchase.

Money Back Guarantee and Purchase

Considering how many male enhancement products are out in the market today, it isn’t surprising for many people to feel skeptical about VigRX. Be assured that the sellers are staking a 67 day money back guarantee on all packages, ensuring that your money is safe.

To purchase, simply head over to the main website and click on the package button of your choice. All packages are discreetly covered and delivered to avoid any problems. The website itself operates using a sophisticated encryption technology that prevents others from accessing client information. Payment options for VigRX Discount packages include PayPal and various other credit card companies.

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